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Hello! Recently, I’m going down again, which I have enough, so it’s time for changes. I suspend all poker-related activities until I will grind out for good and I could play mid-high MTT comfortably. It has been going on too long and I don’t want to run lowstakes aground any longer. It’s time to start making money from poker again. I know well the realities of playing in tournaments for several thousand people, I am also patient and I know that in the end, results will come. Recently, I focus on website and streams but now I’m leaving that. Currently, I want to devote my time to poker, to learning, coaching or playing. Everything else goes to the background.

Twitch off

As a consequence of the fact that I want to focus on the game, I also suspend streams and the development of the Twitch channel. I do not close the project but until good results and reasonable stakes return, I do not want to spend time on it. I tried to make it qualitatively on the level and the second stream in Polish even looked cool, but streaming and preparing everything takes a lot of time and energy, which I currently don’t have in reserve. Esp English commentary consumes a lot of energy and will require a lot of work. So I leave the topic temporarily. I dream of making a channel that will promote a good mindset and a healthy approach in contrast to focusing on the 1st prize and placing wins on a pedestal. But it still has to wait.

What's next

So at the moment there is only learning and playing for me. In addition to swing, WSOPs are also approaching online and I want a new bracelet, so it’s time to grind back quickly. I am also in the process of modifying morning routines because going back to normal kickboxing trainings, I no longer need daily morning exercises. As soon as I get new ones I will definitely share with you ๐Ÿ™‚ As for BRM, I also change the approach a bit because sticking to the size of the entry fee does not seem to be the optimal solution. The number of players in the tournament is crucial, which I think has not paid enough attention so far. My classic mode has always been to focus on the most attractive, biggest tournaments during the upswing, until the crisis when I was forced to cut down on the smaller ones. And this is what causes my eternal colossal swings. Also another small (large) point to improve. As for further entries, of course, I will continue blogging and my 200k $ BRM Challenge, but I do not promise regular updates. It’s time to change my priorities.
Bankroll: 8000$

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