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The session on Wednesday brought good results. Finally, something is moving and basically, I’m doubling the roll: D It’s great when you catch a good flow during the game, the card favors and you can make use of your own skills. Anyway, I like it very much, because SCOOPs start like every year πŸ™‚ Of course, I am not going to go crazy, although I will definitely be able to play a bit more πŸ™‚ Currently, I play all MTTs between $ 11-55 focusing on those with the slowest structure. Below 8k $ I give up most of 55s and leave a few of the best. Under $ 6k I play two $ 44 and $ 5 -33 $. A new rule – always plan when you get off the stakes. And when some ship appears, we’ll worry what to play above πŸ˜€
gg score
partypoker win
Anyway, exciting time ahead of us πŸ™‚ SCOOPs, WSOP Circuit on GGpoker and WPT Series for party … there is a lot to fight for. I focus on mid tourneys in SCOOPs. For the rest, I will play a few satelites, without pressure. A lot of starting days and high entry fees are not conducive to variance, so I approach rather from a distance. It would be epic to catch some ring and nice result at the WSOPC, but not at all costs.
I will play 5x a week with breaks on Mondays and Fridays because this is my current mode that works well. I don’t feel tired and I got a moment to relax. Recently, I did a small experiment, checking the quality of my focus during the morning study. The difference between the days when the first thing was learning and the days when the first thing before learning was to check the news and the moment on social media was significant. Once I noticed and wondered if it was an accident. Check it out yourself, because if you want to have effective learning and become better at anything, the level of concentration is key. Same with the game. Once you allow yourself to be distracted, it affects your focus during the whole session. Sounds obvious and we all know it, but very few actually care about it. So if you want to be better, I recommend leaning over the subject and doing some experiments in your own life πŸ™‚
Cheers and GL!
Bankroll: 10 000$

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