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A good run at GGpoker continues. Another ship helps build a roll and sits a little more confidently on 55s. I’m not going to go crazy with 109s, I already had session with some shots yesterday and that’s enough. I played a few sats for $ 55, Day1 $ 100 WSOPC Ring Event and two $ 80s on GG. I managed to win a sat to SCOOP High for $ 530 but nothing good happens. Overall not the best session, so I focus on $ 33-55, occasionally running some extra $ 109. It will not hurt my roll too much, and a controlled shoot is recommended from time to time ๐Ÿ™‚ I also feel a light rush tilt, so I have to keep eye on it, and don’t take too many shots. It’s a natural feeling when you want more and you find yourself not being as patient, calm and accepting as you have just been.
So slowly grind up. A little patience and in a moment we’ll be playing $ 109 again. By the way, the level of players at GGpoker also helps a lot, because if you have people like in 2013, without an understanding of push / fold and ICM, the EV you generate is incomparably higher. I have also been doing research recently in search of the perfect bankroll management. Looking only at the size of BI is not perfect because the number of players makes a huge difference. I want to establish a good BRM that will not be set up by my feelings and experience but also supported by data. And so, after studying my lifetime charts, I found 400-500BI swings on each limit. Of course, filtering e.g. 55s, 22s, 109s, or 215s. Looking at AvBI, I currently have a swing of 800 in the back. I also looked at other players and asked for friends. Swings over 1000-1200AvBI are not unusual. Of course, there are a lot of variables here but it gives you a picture of how much you can slide down. If you want to share your experiences and knowledge, feel free. I have now established that I play 55s for roll at the level of 15k $. Then only occasionally selected.
Bankroll: 18,400$

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