Slowly forward

Whats up!! Another week of playing brings me a little profit. I managed to win a few smaller tournaments, so still running good. Also, the roll looks healthy at 55$s . Just a few months ago, with more than $ 20k, I’d attack $ 215. Today, I carefully touch $ 109s. The plan to move down from $ 55s under $ 15k roll is still valid. I start playing regularly at $ 109s above $ 30k. I keep my festival romanticism under control. As you can see, the marathon will not end soon. Every poker room wants to take advantage of that small poker boom. Maybe I can also take a piece of this cake πŸ™‚


Recently, I often feel lack patience, which is one of the most important features of a poker player. Especially tournament poker player. After a momentary run and a few good results, impatience appears more often. The expectation for the next good result does not help play a quiet game. And so, frustration has recently welcomed me. I try to play lower stakes, but I still feel frustration bumps from time to time. Although all in all, I would like to have only such worries … these first world problems πŸ™‚ Anyway yesterday also helped the fact of lack of sleep. On Wednesday, I was playing deepstack for $ 16 at Pokerstars until 6am … end up 3rd and $ 1000. It’s always nice, but I also had a reflection on the level of players. The $ 16 FT was higher than my last four FTs at GGpoker $ 33- $ 55. Interesting. And I talk about really bad players who can change the dynamics of the whole table because they play so poorly. Anyway, I’m curious if you have a similar feeling.


Finally, I can tell you that my first stream on Twich is slowly approaching in small steps πŸ™‚ I don’t have any big plans or expectations. Maybe it will be fun, maybe it will be learning… we will see. The first certainly in Polish πŸ™‚ Then English and if I like it we will worry what next πŸ™‚
Stay tuned!
Bankroll: 21,100$

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