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Last week I skipped the update because there wasn’t much happening and I wanted to take a break from staring at the screen. Generally, I slowly return to normal life as much as I can. Illegal haircut, some tinder dates, and that kind of stuff ๐Ÿ˜€ And I feel soo much better, despite the lack of any major successes and progress in grinding out, although … constantly frustrating amount of semi FT in bigger tournaments – just like yesterday where for a few thousand people I end up 17th with prize pool 200k $ – Just a new 55 $ Mini Bounty Builder HR (name blows my mind but in marketing they succeeded). So one more time was close… Based on experience, I know that these periods when you have a lot of deep runs but you do not close anything are the periods of the most fucking downswings so just patience … Many players ask me and doubt at such moments what is wrong …. variance … Of course, sometimes also your skill and you play a shitty game. If you play MTT with large fields you will not avoid these huge swings so better to learn how to deal with it.
Anyway, I played these micros a bit. I had to do a quick ajust because I wasn’t used to such a soft game: D Of course, I’m glad to see every day when I start a session that amount of mistakes because I know that there is no physical possibility for me not to print money here. However, on the other hand, when you stop trying for a complicated game because you get so many gifts, you start being bored. For me, the biggest challenge on micro is patience to grind out that shit. The variance shoots up even more. You have a larger edge, but there are many more people and the micro / low structures are faster. So I want to move at midstakes as soon as possible because punishing myself at the bottom can keep me here for a long time. This weekend I’m going to launch a few tourneys up to $ 55. If it doesn’t work, I go back a little lower, with small shoots. Obv everything planned without compulsive late regs! : D Meanwhile, SCOOPs are coming, and my festival romanticism has somehow disappeared. And maybe it’s better ๐Ÿ™‚
Bankroll: 6200$

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