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Another week of struggle does not bring any great results. A little less pressure since I start more conservative BRM, but nevertheless there is frustration when once again you finish 20th-30th for a few thousand people in the tournament. When you see a level much lower than the one you are used to and you are still unable to break through and make a good result. But this is just a lack of patience and too much game. I need to reduce the volume a little because 6x a week a full session is too much. It was supposed to be a Monday to learn, but when I had to leave 55s I found that I prefer grind because the level of the game went down and I want to grind out as soon as possible. And I also cut the second training block, because everyday life with 24h around poker is too much. After two weeks in this mode, I became exhausting. Especially when it’s hard for balance and some normal activities these days. So currently I play 5 sessions a week without Monday and Friday and I stick to one morning training block because it goes great. However, the next part of the day I devote to relaxation and everything that calms me down. My new hobby is reading a book on the balcony and catching the sun πŸ™‚
Nevertheless, anger and frustration in me increase looking at the cribs that are happening in connection with the whole quarantine situation and the behavior of the rulers in Poland. And while I am patient and in normal times I was chilled all the way now when someone interferes with my freedom, it begins to quickly build up in me. Interesting times are ahead of us … For now, I’m doing my best and looking at the level of players and my poker form about the financial future, I’m calm. We will see how the situation develops further … And as for BRM, I should admit that it is currently $ 2,600 but I have $ 4,500 in reload, so I should mention that overall it is $ 7100 and below $ 5k I am going down from $ 33s . I am also going to regularly put single tourneys on staking at GGpoker, because though software you can do it easy and smooth. Yesterday’s GG Masters ended up with a profit. I hope to keep up the next run.
Bankroll: 2600$


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